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Originally Posted by NCC-73515 View Post
With all the reading, I cannot appreciate the ships enough XD
Textures are optimal now. Sometimes however, reflections are too strong, you can see shiny stars on the hull. The music is impressive and very fitting. Reminds me of Klingon Honor Guard! One minor thing, it's Qapla', not Q'apla
Thanks everybody. More is on the way...and I am doing yet another rebuild, having spotted the things that NCC pointed out.

Ah...NCC, one thing about those stars on the hull....actually, that's an accidental transparency. See, I have the normals accidentally faced the wrong way....let's put it like this... if you were to look at your hand, edgewise...what you would want to see, as far as normals go, are lines that are projecting outward from your hand...essentially, (if you enlarge the normals to get a better view of what the normal lines would look like) you would have a "chia pet" on your hand. If the normal lines were facing inward, you'd be able to see right through your hand. So, that's what's happening with my ship...normals were misaligned. (I've just now learned how to adjust them in Blender, so now I'm doing YET another rebuild...and this time, the Ktinga ought to be looking fairly solid. )

As for Q'apla, well...I was pretty sure that's how I read it in the Klingon Dictionary by Marc Okrand. But again, my memory could be t'oma'to...tom'a't'o!

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