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Yeah, dude I actually totally agree with you. Some of the Sci-Fi Channel shows are very lame. I was flipping through the channels one day, and happened to watch this seriously fake original movie about large spiders attacking a city...that was so lame I just had to watch the rest of it just for laughs. It's amazing how much effort and work people put into these stories that look like they were done on home video when it came to action or something like that. And they get such high name actors. For me, the best Sci-Fi Channel mini-series was The Triangle. It had that dude from Jurassic Park, Sam Neill. I thought it was very original. However, it was confusing at parts. Oh my God, talk about a really bad Sci-Fi Channel movie event...Showdown at Area51...LAME!!! LOL But back to Tin Man, you didn't miss much, lol.
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