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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
I haven't read anything of his. I've seen The Hunt for Red October and quite liked it. I've often wondered what the heck is with those "freedom isn't free" ads for video games that have his name on them. Are they based on his books or something?
I think, when it came to the video games, Clancy and Red Storm (his game development team) would discuss the story and aspects, and then Clancy would write a book about certain games, while Red Storm developed the game. I know there are books for EndWar and Splinter Cell. I don't know if he wrote books for Ghost Recon, HAWX, or Rainbow Six.

Yes, Hunt for Red October is an extremely enjoyable movie. And I love the film's score, composed by the late, great Basil Poleduris. (Who also scored RoboCop, the first two Conan movies, and Starship Troopers.)

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