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Thanks for that link, a very interesting read.

There actually was a slight element of that in the UK. There were a couple of Steelbook options from different retailers and the one I plumped for (I wanted the one with the cover of the Enterprise falling poster over the one of Cumberbatch standing in front of burning London) has probably about maybe the 60-70 minutes of stuff.

But one supermarket had a release that was the film plus those featurettes and a special exclusive disc with a couple ones that aren't on the version I bought. And none of them came with a commentary.

But I totally agree with the guy being interviewed. I have absolutely no interest in Ultraviolet and while I've begun to stream a little more than I used to (it came in handy actually for an out of curiosity marathoning of 'Alcatraz') if I saw a film I really liked I would still want the physical Blu Ray and a dose of additional content. That isn't going to change.

Like the guy says, that's my 'stuff'. And I like having my 'stuff' being something I can pull off a shelf and not just access in the Cloud. I don't even get The Cloud's just gobbledeygook to me.

I know the film got a mixed rap, but when it came out on Blu Ray I was genuinely amazed by how much content was on the fully loaded 'Prometheus' Blu Ray. Just hours and hours of commentaries and making of's (that 'Furious Gods' documentary was so comprehensive and ran about three hours on it's own). It was just more work than I had seen in a single movie Blu Ray release in ages.

Outside of LOTR, Star Wars, Avatar style packages.
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