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Hm. Looking at the K'tinga from the outside, it looks like it could have two discs like what I showed, one above the other, where one is being loaded while they other is spitting hellfire, not that there aren't more efficient ways of feeding in ammo.

And the K'tinga class could have larger magazines like the one I showed, holding 24 or more torpedoes rather than 12, although for the D7 MSD I just copied the launcher and magazine I drew for the B'rel.

I have the 1994 edition of the Star Trek Encyclopedia, showing four Klingon ships to "approximate" scale on p. 159, with the K'tinga slightly longer than the nacelle of the Vor'cha and a little shorter than the D7, with the B'rel about half that length. But I think it shows the Vor'cha a tad too big in comparison.
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