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Yeah...scaling always seemed rather dubious in Trek. So many different scales for the B'rel alone. (To mention nothing of the K'vort....which was purported in the DS9 Technical Manual to be larger than a Galaxy class! Yikes!)

I've always rather considered that a ship is only as large as the warp nacelle of the ship above a degree. To me, a B'rel was as long as a K't'inga's warp nacelle, and a K't'inga was as long as a Vor'Cha's nacelle...and that's about where I stopped that theory. DS9's "Way of the Warrior" seems to blow that theory out of the water....with a Bird of Prey seeming to be about as long as a Vor'Cha's nacelle. Now there is where I'd figure a K'vort class battlecruiser BoP to be scaled....certainly not a B'rel's. (Again, these were my thoughts....not really based in canon.)

Ya' know, I've always thought too about a rotary loading system for the torpedoes on both BoP's and K't'ingas. (Those glowing white lights inside a K't'inga's glowing torpedo bay made me sort of think about that.) But, one time, I took that one step further with a BoP... I came up with (for use in the old FASA Star Trek Starship Combat Simulator board game) a "gatling torpedo launcher". They wouldn't fire full photon torpedoes...instead, they would fire simple spheres that magnetically contained anti-matter, and they were launched in rapid succession via a gatling/rail-gun hybrid firing system. Each projectile would hold roughly the same amount of anti-matter as a full torpedo....about 1.5kg. The projectiles would also only contain the electronics necessary to maintain the magnetic separation field until impact was registered with the target...then the field would drop, resulting in the usual violent explosion.

-Reduction of size of projectile because of no propulsion systems, targeting sensors, etc. Only the M/AM containment field system.
-Ship can carry many times more projectiles than a standard complement of full torpedoes.
-Considerable number of projectiles can be fired at a target in rapid succession, rather than waiting for a reload of three full torpedoes in a standard launch tube. Imagine having, say, 30 projectiles coming at you, each with the payload of a full photon torpedo! Imagine being strafed by a barrage of photon projectiles!

-No guidance system means these are direct fire weapons. The BoP must be bearing directly on its target.
-Cannot be fired at warp.
-No versatility of use, or yield.
-Far more limited range than a full photon torpedo.
-Would make a B'rel class Bird of Prey scout a formidable foe to face. Such ships could carry out devastating stealth attacks against enemy targets.

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