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The B'rel class bird-of-prey is considered to be 109 meters in length, and the K'tinga class is claimed to be 214, so roughly double. But both have that torp launcher in front.

It's not canon, but in my B'rel class MSD I show a rotary 12-torpedo magazine aft of and feeding that launcher, which may or may not be right and may or may not apply to the K'tinga class but does seem to make sense, especially considering the shape of the hull there. At least it supports the idea of rapid fire. The magazine can be reloaded quickly from the rear, since three or five ports face the torpedo storage room at a time.

It you accept the idea, it may not affect what you're doing unless you show one taking a hit and want to show some of the inside exposed. But it's something to keep in mind that may come up. I didn't make a K'tinga MSD, but if I ever do, I'm sure I'll show the same kind of system.

I don't see the link to your video, but my YouTube channel has a link to it.

This shows the rotating torp magazine:

Star Trek Journal

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