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I have two-and-a-half turkeys with ENT S1 so far. They are 'Unexpected', 'Terra Prime' and 'Acquisition'. The one all-around exceptionally GOOD (but not great) episode so far is 'Breaking the Ice.' The rest are varying degrees of entertaining-to-bland, or blandly-entertaining, which I suppose is good in that it's "not bad." 'Cold Front' and 'Fusion' I suppose are among the higher-functioning "blandly-entertainings." Maybe 'Silent Enemy' as well.

There are only two episodes so far I don't recall watching back in 2001. They are 'Silent Enemy' and 'Rogue Planet'. Doesn't (necessarily) mean I didn't see them before; I just don't remember them. My opinion about the rest (so far) is pretty much the same as it was. My attitude towards 'Dear Doctor' definitely hasn't changed.

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