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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
Any more that you need to have actually watched any ST at all prior to watching the current films. Whether the STs require [direct] familiarity with each other was never the point, if you've read the post I was originally responding to.

As for ratings, fans are likewise living in a cloud if they think those numbers can be dismissed entirely as not reflective of quality. You can't compare a show that probably never found its audience with a branded property that has dropped to one sixth of its average former viewership. What would the numbers of the re-runs and DVD sales show if you had easy access to that information? Do ENT DVDs sell more than one-sixth as many copies as TNG DVDs? I'd be curious to know. However if there are a (significant) number of people who had every intention of catching up on ENT eventually, but just not when it was on the air and in need of some higher numbers, then I'm really sorry to hear that. I find it unlikely though.
Sigh. Just compare the initial audience of TOS (Anybody here on the board saw TOS when it first aired?) with the total audience of TOS. The show got canceled yet it is still popular so there vanishes your high ratings equal quality nonsense. If you applied it consistently which you obviously do not want to you would have to say the same thing about Firefly and TOS as about ENT. It got cancelled, nobody watched it, it is crap!
The stupid ratings during the first run are utterly irrelevant and tell you nothing about how many people will watch the show over decades in several places because the stupid ratings are limited to one place and one time.

But even if we had total viewership numbers over space and time it would be irrelevant (unless you own Viacom stocks and care about how much money the company makes ... but then you care about capital income and not about product quality). Millions of people eat at McDonalds. Doesn't mean the food is anything but utter crap. If there is any correlation between $$$ and quality it is a negative one. Pop music sells better than classical music, junk food sells better than good food, Michael Bay flicks sell better than Bergman movies and so on.
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