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Certainly the Captain Sulu drum has been banged to death, I should have pointed out a disagreement with that.

And you just have to look at the comments on Trekmovie to know that fans ideas are best left sometimes in the recesses of their minds.

But I disagree it's always about the stories over the characters or that TOS isn't the father of everything that came after. In a perfect world you would have characters and stories in tandem working with each other but we can't pretend in Star Trek every story and every movie was a 'City on The Edge of Forever' level script. And personally I would argue the only thing that keeps people going through the duds is in fact maybe a character moment or two. Maybe a joke, a look, or just the bare fact it's the characters you enjoy watching that gets you to next week's show in the hope it's an improvement.

If you had fewer episodes to fill to start with, it's possible you could reduce the number of duds and mediocre episodes you had along the way. That's an idea with genuine merit.
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