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I quite liked that editorial and I would agree with some of the main challenges percieved by the writer as being a problem for a new TV series (and the franchise) to overcome on the journey back to TV.

(especially his point 3 on each successive TV series set of characters feeling eventually like copies of copies..........that is after all why I effectively check out after DS9 because VOY and ENT were just the spritual follow on's from TNG and DS9 and I like the originals better)

But again, at the end of the day it's fairly easy to say if you get everything 'right' during development you can have a successful TV show. He's effectively saying if they can capture lightening in a bottle once again like they did with TNG and to an extent DS9 then it can work.

Well sure..............that would definitely work. It's getting all that to fall into place that isn't as easy!

On the flip side, in his actual review of 'Star Trek Into Darkness' I can kind of agree on the Khan issues and his suggestion of replacement villain, but then I also think if they did that they wouldn't necessarily have been able to drive home the thematic point of the death scene vs TWOK so I'm still mixed on the presence of Khan. I totally agree the character didn't strictly need to be him...............but there are aspects of it that did work for the Kirk and Spock elements of the film so I don't it's a bit of a mixed set of thoughts on him.
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