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Not at all!

It just makes me think of McCoy in 'The Voyage Home' after talking to Spock - 'You're telling me I have to DIE to discuss your insights on death?'. Characters that have a history and a relationship just having a moment.

Way I see it in a long running thing like Trek possibly more than the specific ideas and values it's the characters who keep you with a show for decades and keep coming back to it. And I don't think the original Trinity was necessarily bettered in the series for the adventures and cameraderie they shared. I don't know if I feel the rest of the crew got there til the films but the sense that these people were each other's family (even though they never started out that way) came through.

I did feel that happened in TNG as well because of the cast chemistry they all shared but the writing and talking probably was a little more formal at times. But it still was there.

And I think that's what gets you through the weak episodes, the bad episodes and makes you enjoy the good and great ones as well. The characters. For me, that's been recaptured with the Abrams cast again even though there's been some changes.
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