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On the director front, a few weeks ago I had read a rumour that Paramount had supposedly offered a look at a third film to Jon M Chu (director of the G.I Joe sequel) which was probably the first time I've actually thought to myself 'Get to ****'.

However, it started me wondering who I might be interested in (not getting caught up in fantasy names like Nolan or Mendes some people go to) and I actually thought about Rupert Wyatt. I thought 'Rise of The Planet of The Apes' was very well done.

I also thought of Matt Reeves, as he's also one of Abrams affiliations. But just now he's directing the Apes sequel so that could be why his name came into my head.

Either way, both those guys would be vastly better than Chu. Which in fairness is a rumour I have not seen repeated yet.
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