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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
I don't know about Kirk not being a womanizer. I do agree he's not just a shoot first and ask questions later type, but the guy likes the ladies.
As a Starship captain he definitely liked the ladies but kept very respectful... Until some emotional manipulation was called for. Most of his onscreen "flings" were more a means to and end rather than an end unto themselves.

However, he'd been shown to have many more offscreen romances (at least one of which yielded him a child he was entirely unaware of). So in his younger days he was both a bookworm and a "ladies' man".

You could look at New Kirk as a distorted view of Captain Kirk, but equally the two characters did not have the same upbringing. He's not a straight reboot of the character, but one with a quite different origin. And for better or worse, New Kirk's development does have its roots in Captain Kirk's potential.
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