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As people like Marcus do not really care about their country but have ulterior motives they could not care less about people who claim to be unpatriotic.
But they can easily portray self-proclaimed "anti-patriots" to be dishonourable and worthless scumbags. I think it is smarter propaganda-wise to turn everything around and beat them at their own game. Be the better patriot.
I don't want this to become political but I wanna use one example. When one side pretends to care about family the reaction of the other side should not be this post 68 game: we care about individualism but not about family. No, the proper reaction is to say that the policies of the other have destroyed families and that you are pro family. But you are also for family in an extended sense, i.e. family is simply a place where people face stable external conditions (in plain English, safe and well-paying jobs) and love each other so patchwork families and homosexual relationships can be family. If you let guys like Gingrich who divorce their wife when she has cancer take ownership of the term family you have already lost before you even started to fight.

By the way, while jingoism is a dirty word patriotism is not. Jingoism means that you mistreat people who are members of other political entities whereas patriotism means that you work for your country, for the public good. This is what Kirk and Picard do after all. And sometimes this work includes finding and fighting against the enemy in your own ranks (which makes, to use real-world examples, people like Chelsea Manning far more patriotic than the thousands of civil servants who committed war crimes, actively covered them up, passively did not report them or worked on shutting up and imprisoning the guy who revealed them).

I am simply not willing to let the scum of the earth define and dirty terms like patriotism and honour. Do not yield even one inch of (ideological) territory.
An interesting movie from the year, The East, showed something similar.
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