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Of all the admirals we see, it's Admiral Ross who proves the most disappointing. We are led to believe he stands for the same values our heroes do and then comes 'Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges' We find him not only not opposing Section 31, but working hand in hand with them to topple an erstwhile ALLY! And yet we end up having to watch him get away with it and we still rely on him to command the war against the Dominion.

This is the real tragedy of Pike's death. We need someone like Pike not baby sitting Kirk, but fighting for the soul of Star Fleet. It's Great to have Captains like Kirk and Picard who never give up being Captain so they can 'make a difference' but we needed Pike to set policy that makes sense and upholds the values of the Federation as it should aspire to and to be in a position to fight those of Marcus' kind before they get so far.
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