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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
I don't know about Kirk not being a womanizer. I do agree he's not just a shoot first and ask questions later type, but the guy likes the ladies.
I'd have to dig up Eliza's posts but she basically went over how many women Kirk slept with and it turned out to not be that many. He flirted of course with quite some.
Her analysis also surprised me and probably stuck in my mind as NuKirk is precisely based on this distorted image of Kirk. Let's not forget that the most interesting Kirk moments were precisely the ones in which Shatner was forced by Meyer (via doing a shot so often until the Shat was tired and less energetic) to go back to the original idea of the character. Of course Pike would have been a boring character and Kirk only worked because of Shatner's energy but not merely because of that.
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