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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
primates kill each other in the wild. Chimpanzees are killers. They fight wars. Maybe meeting something that evolved in a similar fashion to us isn't such a good thing. There has never been one hour of peace on this planet in the entire history of human kind.
Unlike chimpanzees bonobos are fairly peaceful and human evolution favoured cooperative traits.
Of course they are not absolute, living in groups or tribes paid off for early humans but getting along with strangers or another group did not and you could claim that this persists until today.

So I do not wanna claim that humans are peaceful creatures. But together with bonobos we are the most peaceful and cooperative primates.
Let's not forget that our large brain leads to a premature birth which makes us dependent on our mother far longer which makes care and family more necessary than among other animals who can cast out their young into the dangers of life far earlier.

I normally do not like biologistic arguments but I think here they are appropriate. I find it hard to imagine ANY highly evolved primate which can reach a higher degree of civilization than us while being more savage, not to mention than more savage creatures are even more likely to destroy themselves than we are. Think about the most serious problem facing us right now, It is precisely the lack of worldwide cooperation which will most likely lead to the conversion of Earth into Planet Hell. So it looks like evolution (the respective sample is here purely hypothetical, all intelligent lifeforms which reach the technological potential to destroy themselves via nuclear weapons, via changing the climate or whatever) once again favours peacefulness.
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