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Originally Posted by LCARS 24 View Post
Our people are finding exoplanets, checking the available data, and giving opinions about those alien worlds. So what about an alien civilization at our level of technology a dozen light-years away doing the same? What do you suppose they would think of Earth?
With our technology they could know very little about us. But this is stupid nitpicking, I think that it would depend on what kind of life it would be.
Suppose it would also be primates. They would like us simply because we are similar to them and if in their evolution cooperation has also paid off they would appreciate our first steps towards peace and worldwide cooperation.
Suppose it would be insectoid or reptilian lifeforms. Like the Xindi they would not like primates (and vice versa) simply because they are different. Furthermore such species might not value peace and cooperation very much so they might view us as docile and weak.
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