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In Anomaly Archer tortures somebody which at least as radical of a break with Roddenberry's parameters than the stuff which supposed revolutionaries like Behr (Sisko looking away when Garak kills a few people), Moore or Meyer (Spock's mind-rape) did. So the notion that Berman followed Roddenberry's footsteps too closely and that the franchise needed new ideas (ironically it were precisely old ideas, present in ENTS4 and the last two movies, which have been well received by the fans) or less dogmatism seems dubious on closer inspection.

I am not siding with anybody, I like the work of all the people mentioned above. I merely want to point out that there are certain cliches, be it about events in Trek or opinions about the folks behind the curtain, which turn out to not be true. Ages ago Eliza did a nice analysis in which she pointed out that Kirk is not, as fans often pretend, really that much of a womanizer and shoot-first-ask-questions-later type.
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