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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
If the third movie truly focuses more on exploration and not so much high action, perhaps it won't really need as big a budget.

Then again, to create fully realized worlds to wow the eye and stir the mind could be a budget eater in itself.
Problem is, the franchise (long before Abrams) locked itself into the action-adventure type of sci fi and I don't think that the picture will necessarily alter that much.

Given the Earth-centric nature of most of the film franchise (I can only think of Insurrection as being the only one which never lets us see or takes place at some point or to some degree on Earth at all, the rest all feature it to varying levels) it's possible but realistically not a slam dunk.

And even Insurrection, the supposed hidden gem, still couldn't find a way to excise a couple of big starship battles and a fiery explosion taking down the maniacally screaming villain from what was 'expected' of a Star Trek big screen adventure.

But since a third film hasn't officially been greenlit...........again, who can say. Especially since it looks like there will be some rotation of key players, notably in the Director's chair.
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