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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
Yeah, I've never honestly believed that the B&B team brought about the downfall of Trek. Everything I've seen, I've pretty much enjoyed. Loving the hell out of Enterprise Seasons 3 and 4, even though I know that Manny Coto is somewhat responsible for giving Enterprise a bit of palatability that folks felt was missing from Enterprise.

In truth, fanboys were just looking for someone to blame, other than themselves, for ruining Trek. So their scapegoats were Brannon and Braga.

Just the same now as folks blame JJ Abrams for ruining Trek.

Hell, for all we knew, Roddenberry ruined Trek from the get go.
In a way, Roddenberry did. His Star Trek The Motion Picture certainly illustrates that without the talents of better people, he didn't have a real grasp into the characters or chemistry of ST. He had to create new characters just in order to turn ST back into something that he could actually produce. And even then, it seems that some of the best episodes of TNG happened not necessarily because of Roddenberry, but often because various people challenged his decisions. The BluRay extras are very enlightening in this regard.

I think Berman's most fatal mistake was trying to overprotect ST as though it were still Roddenberry's, and his restrictions often prevented people under him from working creatively. TNG composer Ron Jones couldn't work under him. Many of DS9's writers/producers declined to move over to VOY, thank you very much (Moore did, briefly after DS9 wrapped, and he later walked out with serious heartburn).

But to say "Berman and Braga" to me implies that ST didn't begin declining until the final years of VOY. And maybe that is point at which ST disconnected for many fans. Or maybe people just have short attention spans when they casually invoke "B&B" to refer to the larger Berman administration in general (which eventually did come down to B&B for ST's final TV incarnation). I tend to suspect it's the latter.

The ENT BluRays have some nice new content, including an hour-long interview with Berman and Braga. And it's actually quite refreshing how humble and honest they are about what happened with their series, even though I can't agree with necessarily everything they say.

I also don't think personally that Manny Coto saved the show. I think he helped them shift gears, and even may have improved it somewhat just in terms of episodic batting averages for quality, however there are as many things I don't like about his final season as there are things I happen to like.

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