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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
Yeah, I've never honestly believed that the B&B team brought about the downfall of Trek. Everything I've seen, I've pretty much enjoyed. Loving the hell out of Enterprise Seasons 3 and 4, even though I know that Manny Coto is somewhat responsible for giving Enterprise a bit of palatability that folks felt was missing from Enterprise.

In truth, fanboys were just looking for someone to blame, other than themselves, for ruining Trek. So their scapegoats were Brannon and Braga.

Just the same now as folks blame JJ Abrams for ruining Trek.

Hell, for all we knew, Roddenberry ruined Trek from the get go.
Some interesting observations there Martok. Have to agree that I think B&B were targeted undeservedly. Nothing wrong with any of the Trek incarnations. Enterprise could have gone to 10 seasons easily if more people had got behind it instead of dismissing it because of their preconceived views about Trek.

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