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I'm a little cranky because I woke up with nasal swelling for no reason.

What I found interesting in the article was how quickly it wanted to write ST off as 'broken' after one (supposedly) lackluster movie. It's also news to me that STID (significantly) underperformed at the box office (I think it did underperform, and I would concede that a TV series seems even less likely now than before the movie came out. However another movie is pretty much guaranteed).

By contrast... sure, there were people saying "it's broken" as far back as '94 when Generations came out (I dimly remember one particularly snarky magazine named Sci-Fi Universe seemed to think Trek had essentially ended with 'All Good Things'). However as late as 2004 publications were still saying "it's broken" like this was news.

Maybe they simply forgot they had already been saying it.

I don't think TV seems very likely home for ST at this point. It seems less likely now than just four years ago. Most TV venues would find it too expensive for the size audience it attracts, and I think the golden age of TV has already long passed. A new ST would have to be a guaranteed success like TNG was, only this time hit the ground running. The major networks give you only four episodes now.

On the flip side, I don't think Paramount would saturate ST again. First of all I don't believe they would get the chance to. But I also think they would have learned something after last time.

The "B&B killed ST" narrative doesn't work for me either because Braga wasn't even a show runner until I think ST's last six seasons. Piller, Taylor and others would've had just as much a hand in its decline. However it did decline, this is not an elaborate fiction. The audience dwindled to roughly a tenth of its former size (I don't have that graph in front of me at the moment) and that's what happened. And they didn't 'kill' it, but they didn't electrify it either.

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