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The big thing I'd worry about by putting it back on TV (much as I'd love it) is that Paramount may not learn from its previous mistake, and oversaturate Star Trek on TV again.

I think that's part of what put Star Trek on life-support in the first place ...there was just an oversaturation of Trek, period.

TNG goes off the air, DS9 begins two years before TNG goes off the air. 1 year after TNG finishes its tv run, it has a big screen two hour episode. DS9 continues to run, and Voyager begins a couple seasons before DS9 goes off the air. During that time, when both shows are on the air, we have First Contact and then Insurrection when DS9 and Voyager were on the air. Then we have Enterprise coming on the air just as Voyager was going off, and Nemesis was the only Next Gen movie that was run that didn't play while there were two Trek shows on TV. Enterprise only lasted four seasons, just one more season than the Original Series in '66-'69. Manny Coto's arrival to save Enterprise was too little too late.

Ultimately, Trek collapsed under its own weight. If Trek returns to TV, I hope Paramount learns from its past mistakes. At least Trek 2009 and Into Darkness became blockbusters in the movie realm. While a movie series is great, the big problem is, every time we see a new film, the actors are three to four years older than they were, and we don't quite get the chance to grow with them on the same level as we do with a weekly tv series.

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