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I know..........I'm totally cranky this morning!

But, I just have lost some patience with the merry-go-round of 'put it on TV'. We pretty much already all agree that's the best place for it and that it really just lucked out a lot of the time on the movie front.

But that's all it is - standing around saying 'put it on TV'.

There's no solid idea for how to make a contemporary show that 'is' Star Trek, which can appeal to fans and new viewers and not somehow be the same as what's gone before. No idea how to get it into production and onto air so it can then sink or swim based on whatever is decided to be made.

Assuming (as ever) someone can even decide what 'Star Trek' is beyond the catchphrases we all employ. You can't even get two people who knew and worked with Roddenberry to agree on 'Star Trek Into Darkness' (to which I refer to two TNG stars - LeVar Burton and Wil Wheaton. Burton thought he couldn't see Roddenberry at all in it...........Wheaton thought it affirmed Roddenberry and loved it. Both worked with him and knew the man. They can't even see the most recent film the same way. How can any other two people?).

I just don't think simply saying it needs to be back on TV is the solution. It's just another statement of the obvious.

No one has as yet presented a solution to the statement.
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