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The generations bridge is meant to be how they intended it to be I think.

I also found the side stations a bit busy and with all the heavy contrast it the bridge a bit distracting to the eye. You could argue that it made the bridge a bit more realistic as it was meant to be the nerve centre of the ship, that said in the original shows bible it was meant to be simple and streamlined - ultimately i guess it's down to personal taste.

What bothered me more about it was the darkness, if you go back and rewatch the film the whole thing is very dimly lit, it's almost as if they're trying to save on their electricity bill or in the middle of switching to cheap energy saving lightbulbs. It's really apparent in the ready room and 10-forward especially, I guess it's meant to add atmosphere but was a bit annoying really IMO. Maybe comes across better on the big screen.

To the main thread subject - I'd love to see a proper bridge recreation like that, am keen to see how it goes.
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