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I think at this point pretty much everything is going to be digital, and even older remastered films will mostly exist in digital from now on (hopefully archived in 4k or higher). The original negatives will always be around, but... they're going to continue to degrade.

And I think digital is probably just as good as film by now, again providing it's 4k or higher. The last two SW movies were shot in 1080p to my understanding, which is not even 2k. Needless to say it's gotten a lot better since then.

I shudder though to think that the SW original trilogy is itself only 1080p now, mastered back in 2004, and that the o-negs have only been allowed to continue disintegrating since then. Of course there's so much misinformation out there (often fueled by angry fans) that it's impossible to know what's true.

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