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I'm passing only because I thought Man of Steel was not a good film and have little interest in this sequel/universe building DC attempt at what Marvel has been doing.

That said, the internet response to it has been frankly pathetic. I understand fandom. I understand people taking to the point where 'their' version of how things 'should be' supercedes everyone else's and pushes into mildly disturbing territory (saw it with Abrams after all and people who negatively reviewed The Dark Knight Rises got death threats..............FYI it still wasn't the best of the three regardless) so it doesn't really surprise me he's getting this flack.

And it will be hard to follow on from Bale so quickly...............but it's overkill some of the stuff on the internet already. I'm not whiter than white on internet commenting and passions get raised. But my 'out' if you like is not being terribly interested in this film anyway.
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