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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
"This ship, and her legacy, will shortly become the care of another crew...."
-from the final log entry of James T. Kirk, Captain, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-A.

I think the Ent-A might have gotten a few more adventures in under another crew just before StarFleet finally retired the ship, if the words of the much vaunted Kirk (as played by the over-vaunted Shatner) are anything to go by.
In my opinion, I believe Kirk was referring to the ship as in the name "Enterprise" and her "history" aka lineage of the past starships Enterprise, and now this one. So, while the ship herself--The Enterprise-A--was decommissioned and would no longer be in service, the name "Enterprise" would last forever and a part of her will be within each upcoming flagship.
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