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You're right. After posting the first one I learned it was possible to add a patch to Windows Movie Maker 2.6 to allow HD. So I experimented, liked the result, went back and cropped every frame, put together an HD version, deleted the first one, and uploaded the new one, without thinking about how it may affect my post above.

So the new link is the one you posted above. Thanks for pointing that out.

Even with HD, to see it that way on YouTube the viewer has to not only change to full screen but do the "Change resolution" thing twice before it takes effect. I'd like it to automatically go to 720p, but there is no setting I could find for me to make it do that.

Some say no one is interested in LCARS anymore. Maybe that's true to a certain extent, since the only new things that feature it are fan films and games. But LCARS 24 software is still being downloaded every day from SourceForge, and there is a lot of LCARS stuff on YouTube.

I was also thinking that maybe I should make one with just the schematics, having them flip from one to the next every 15 or 30 seconds so people could put run it on TV as decoration, like the fish channel. One of the demos for the LCARS PowerPoint Clone does that (changes the display every 30 seconds), showing the 82 Trek schematics, and there's another one for the 12 schematics of real space hardware. And making a YouTube thing of just the schematics should be fairly easy now that I have a little experience with how to do it.

Anyway, the only things on my new YouTube channel so far are the LCARS 24 overview and videos of three songs from the alarm-clock function of LCARS 24 (plus links to other people's stuff I have commented on).

But the link to the channel is here:
My YouTUbe Channel

The demo:
LCARS 24 demo
Star Trek Journal

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