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She was a bit too zealous in Equinox but then again she often wavered between being a caring mother figure and a Rambo captain.
It did not work ... but then again we have to keep in mind that a paradigmatic captain like Picard would not have worked for a ship that is stranded in the Delta Quadrant either.

Back to Equinox, I do not really have a problem with a Starfleet officer who is willing to get her hands dirty to deal with fellow officers who broke some basic rules (not to mention that it is always refreshing to see somebody, even if it is just a fictional character, who has the cojones to fu*k the corps spirit and go after wrongdoers in her own organization).
Principles matter and Janeway is well aware that without dogmatism (and a harsh implementation of this dogmatism) her crew could very well go down the Equinox road.

Don't get me wrong, I am sympathetic to your standard liberal human rights perspective. But I think one of its naive implicit assumptions is that people are normally decent so all you gotta do is forbid them from doing bad things and punishing them mildly when they do it.
This might be indeed so when you are well off but we are not in Kansas anymore, the VOY is far away from home, short on resources and constantly meeting not-so-friendly folks. When you are in deep sh*t your ethics will be questioned sooner or later and you can either deal with that cynically, pragmatically or dogmatically. I am for dogmatism whereas you are for pragmatism (and I hope nobody is a cynic).

You can also read this through the Exodus story. God doesn't provide 10 rules and the Israelites say "OK, this makes sense, let's do it". No, they do at first not like these rules and have to be forced to follow them.

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