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Default [Text]book example...

I was about to get off the freeway on the way to my friend's pad in Carson, California when all of a sudden the car in front of me stopped. Now, being the safe driver that I am, I give myself the space of two cars in front of me so that I have space to stop. It was a sudden stop so I had to apply the breaks pretty fast. Anyway, as I look behind me I notice that this idiot of a driver is getting closer to my car. Now, my instincts were to get out of the way but I knew if I did that I would risk hitting a car on my left or right side. So, I stay there. Assuming the driver had any sense and would stop, he just got closer and closer. Come to find out the guy was texting while driving! He hits the back of my car and dang, talk about a nice whiplash. Anyway, that happens and we exchange information and all that fun stuff and he had the nerve to get an attitude with me telling me that I stopped all of a sudden when he clearly had plenty of space to stop. Anyway, the damage to the car wasn't that bad. The tail lights and glass was intact, but boy did I have to deal with the aftermath. Talk about an inconvenience! Ugh, and what's worse is that I was coming down with a cold. So, all the more reason to have stayed at home. In either case, what a jerk. It's like, RIGHT when I'm about to get off the freeway. Ugh....Anyway, that's my update. lol
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