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Originally Posted by Spacemonkeyz View Post
It's not all 'bots' out here. I've been a lurker for years now I guess. Just not one of the select few to get past the ropes.
Love you guys, keep up the chatter!
Glad to see the forum is fixed.
Ah, but you ARE one of the select few to get past the ropes! Anyone who made an account before the Mods left us in 2009 can post, but no new members seem to be able to post.

Thank you for joining us!

Originally Posted by LCARS 24 View Post
I was wondering about that, too. I started a thread a few weeks ago and noticed the number of views seemed very high in relation to the number of people posting since the forum came back through the wormhole.

Thread started: June 1
Views as of June 27: 5,840
Replies: 6

That doesn't seem right, considering the number of people posting. But be optimistic and believe that whatever you post is read and pondered by the masses.
Part of me says 'The counter is broken' (this thread alone is approaching 600), but another part says: Mwhahahahahaha! My thoughts are being seen by hundreds!
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