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Originally Posted by Akula2ssn View Post
Actually we technically don't know anything about the fate of the ship after 6. In fact we can actually see logic for the decommissioning of the ship at the beginning of the movie during the briefing with the Star Fleet C&C during which it is stated, not in these exact same terms, that the peace between the Klingons and the Federation would almost certainly result in a draw down of force size. Dismantling of the space stations and starbases, mothballing of the star fleet, etc. Decommissioning is nothing more than taking the ship out of active service.
Right, I can totally see your point. However, the Enterprise-A was the flagship of the Federation at the time. I doubt that the Enterprise would have been mothballed during a time of crisis. After the Khittomer Accords were signed, it made sense to have it decommissioned after. I mean, I'm sure the crew were due for retirement before this event with the Klingons even happened.
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