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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Given that they are all ladies their options are kind of limited.
Touche', good sir.

Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
I was recently watching Star Trek: The Motion Picture on Blu, and the circuit breakers seem to work fine in that movie as well.

I wonder if we have Nick Meyer to thank for all the years/decades ST has shown us panels and other electric gadgets exploding on the bridge. I do vaguely recall Spock tamping out a fire underneath his console in 'Balance of Terror,' however that's the only classic TOS instance that comes to mind.

Now I'm suddenly curious to watch ST09 and STID again.
Well, even though it might seem nonsensical to have exploding or shorting out control consoles, it does make for a visually impacting effect in terms of just what directed energy fire might do to a starship's interior. I've always looked at it as this:

Phasers/disruptors are directed energy weapons, and if they strike a critical electrical area of the ship, it could cause power feedback enough to cause control panels to overload. Photon torpedoes also, whilst not being directed energy weapons, do release energy even in the course of their explosions, and the same result could be had.

Think of ion cannons in Star Wars. An ion cannon is a directed energy weapon designed specifically to short out or disable a ship's electrical and electronic systems....but it also does it in a fairly non-destructive manner...which makes it a good thing if one ship captain wishes to capture another ship intact. We saw an example of this in The Empire Strikes Back, when the Echo Base ground based anti-capital ship ion cannon disabled an Imperial Star Destroyer. Yes, we saw arcing all over the ship's exterior, but I think that was just a visual cue to clue the viewer in on the notion that its engines were shutting down, and its internal lighting was going out.

Phasers, whilst having variable settings, don't really seem to possess that characteristic. It does physical damage, as well as energy disruption....but, again, that energy discharge from phaser impact could be enough to cause control panels to overload and explode violently.

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