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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
The problem isn't that Lindelof cares too little about the original timeline, the problem is that he and Orci (I don't think any of the other guys involved has seen much Trek) care too much about it. And not in a good, creative 'being inspired by what came before you' but in a stupid, fanboyish 'gee, I wanna see that stuff again' way.
Which I will agree was a problem, I believe, with Nemesis (my favorite of the Next Gen films), with John Logan writing. He said in earlier interviews that he wanted to see the Enterprise do things it hadn't done before, but was apparently capable of doing...and such.

He, sadly, took a fanboy approach to the matter, (he is a self-proclaimed fan of Trek) and although it made for nice eye candy (I certainly enjoyed the hell out of the space battle which took up practically the entire second half of the film), it did not register well even with casual movie goers.

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