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Originally Posted by tannerwaterbury View Post
Something I noticed during the attack on the Enterprise: That ship was getting pummeled to high heaven, yet the bridge pretty much remained pristine the entire time! There wasn't any explosions or nothing, which to me seemed like it was about time. It was actually refreshing to see no sparks and bodies flying.
I am not so certain. One the one hand exploding consoles are ridiculous from a technical point of view and a cheap trick to endanger the bridge crew.
On the other hand Trek is not hard sci-fi, otherwise the bridge would not be exposed on deck 1 but deep in the innards of the ship, and it might be dramatically infeasible to show danger or damage, e.g. because your story focuses on the main characters who are nearly all on the bridge. Redshirt deaths or anonymous death reports, even if they are accompanied by showing the attack like in the Borg cutting a piece of the Enterprise out in "Q Who ?", have less of an emotional impact upon the audience than people on fire or flying around.
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