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This is probably the best interpretation. Long-running franchises which probably cannot avoid mixing some exposition into the dialogue from time to time. It happens often enough in Doctor Who.

But in general it is better to do it en passant or in the background. For example in TWOK Starfleet seems to do more military and less scientific work and all this is done via the conflict between Marcus and Kirk and David calling Starfleet the military. In combination with the new uniforms it created a far more powerful image of Starfleet than words alone could have done (and mightily pissed of Roddenberry ). Unlike TOS which also worked like this TNG had some awkwardly self-conscious "we do not do this or that stuff anymore" moments (not counting Picard in FC as he actually needed a kick in the butt a 21st century person to make his self-description come true).

On the other hand exposition can be powerful, e.g. a few Spock lines in Balance of Terror created an entire fictional historic event.
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