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Originally Posted by tannerwaterbury View Post
So I saw the movie a second time finally and something irked me really bad: When Spock and Khan were "negotiating" terms with each other, Spock said something about Khan's goals to institute a policy of Genocide against inferior races. Did I miss something, or was there ever any mention of such things happening under his Reign? From what I remember, Khan would suppress civil rights, but he wouldn't instigate mass murders. Was Spock assuming that Khan was going to eliminate everyone on Earth and then instigate a Hitleresque policy of a Final Solution? Just seemed like something that wasn't the M.O. of Khan.
Khan was probably a racist in the sense that he deemed Augments to be superior to humans but lacked the the eugenic ambitions of his creators. The fact that he is no Colonel Green or Kodos is part of his charme; I doubt that McGivers would have fallen for him if he had been a 'genetic purification' kind of butcherer like Green.

I think the difference between Khan as a agent and result of genetic madness instead is crucial. In Trek before STID he has always been the latter and humankind was obsessed with not repeating its mistakes (even going so far as to forbid moderate amounts of genetic work) whereas this new interpretation of Khan externalizes the problem: just blame the super-uber-evil Augment and not the folks who created him. It's like narrowly focusing on Frankenstein's creature while ignoring Frankenstein and it also explains why Marcus can be so oblivious to the dangers of awakening Augments. Humankind is no to blame in the first place for its past mistakes so why read boring history books.
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