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Originally Posted by tannerwaterbury View Post
So I saw the movie a second time finally and something irked me really bad: When Spock and Khan were "negotiating" terms with each other, Spock said something about Khan's goals to institute a policy of Genocide against inferior races. Did I miss something, or was there ever any mention of such things happening under his Reign? From what I remember, Khan would suppress civil rights, but he wouldn't instigate mass murders. Was Spock assuming that Khan was going to eliminate everyone on Earth and then instigate a Hitleresque policy of a Final Solution? Just seemed like something that wasn't the M.O. of Khan.

I noticed that too, in Space Seed Khan was said to be "the best of the tyrants" or something like that. Meaning, that while he was brutal, he wasn't as bloodthirsty as the others.

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