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I provided two answers, get out of there or strive for a political solution, that are objectively better for all three sides. Objectively better here means less corpses.
I doubt that you wanna go down the "real men" road gain and claim that preventing people from dying should not be a primary goal in every kind of political conflict.

Of course I know that the Maquis are ready for martyrdom. We all read our Ernest Becker, giving up one's life for what one perceives to be a noble goal can become one's personal 'immortality project' (more ordinary examples are children or work) and in this case the Maquis' new immortality project is the defense of their former one, building a colony.
So fewer corpses is a problematic criterion if you include the fact that humans are crazy and sometimes gain their life via losing it.
But then again I wanna stay out of this psychoanalytic territory, this is German / French / continental thinking. I rather wanna be a good Briton and focus on more rational and utilitarian arguments.

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