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Aha, so eminent domain is the end of of individuality and the first step towards totalitarianism but imperialism, taking away property from people who are not citizens of your society like the Ba'ku is OK.

Ignoring your fascistoid stuff about real men and your right-wing defense of imperialism which are obviously utterly wicked, let me focus on your (hyper-)liberal argument.
Right now we live in a world with decreasing international but increasing intranational inequality, i.e. plenty of systemic economic violence, plus plenty of ordinary violence, wars. In the world of Trek there is neither massive income inequality nor much political violence on Earth.
We never saw how precisely the transition worked, all we know is that first contact with the Vulcans plus Earth being shattered after WWIII (not so much materially but ideologically, WWI created a blank slate in which ample of political experimentation happened in Europe) played a role. As indicated in my previous posts I am a fan of peaceful change: Ghandi, MLK, the revolutions in the Eastern Bloc, in South America and the Arab world. Most violent political changes failed to inscribe themselves into social reality, Napoleon came after the Jacobins.

And I guess the same happened in the case of Trek. Of course there were losers, rich people lose when you create a more equal society and every weapon producer loses when wars stop.
But then again they might just think that they lose. I faintly remember an interview with a Norwegian CEO who only makes four or five times as much as the cleaning lady yet he wouldn't wanna have it any other way. He enjoys being able to get home at 3PM on a friday, not having to live in a house that resembles a bunker and not having to worry about health insurance, in other words the kind of stuff he would have to worry about if he lives in the US and made 300 times as much as the cleaning lady.

So in the case of this CEO in a social democratic country or the colonists who lose their homes there is no loss of individuality, there is only a loss of property and this loss of property is more than counterbalanced via the benefits of leaving in a more peaceful society.
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