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Not liking the episode has little to do with the actions depicted. And you never specified a time frame with the general comment that 'Feds don't steal'. Well, they do.

But then that's the question INS is unwilling to even ask: was the basic idea wrong? Something that could benefit millions and all you need to do is move 600 people? That's an entirely debatable proposition and you know it. There's probably a lot of reasons they went with the storyline they did and perhaps believing it to be consistent with TNG's approach was the main one. But that doesn't mean the main issue isn't a question rather than a predetermined answer. The idea of their death is put in there purely to simplify the issue down so it's even easier not to supposedly question Picard's moral stance. It's rigged. OK, that happens in drama all the time but still. So the question becomes why steal it instead of negotiate or just ask? Well that's where INS falls apart itself because you basically have a senile Admiral taken for a ride by a man who just wants to get back at mommy and daddy for kicking him out the house.

Of course you wouldn't care about people on the Outer Rim. You would never deign to be among them in the first place. But the problem with dismissing them and not giving a **** is you can't complain when they don't give a **** about your precious peace and fight back.
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