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Speaking for only myself, and removing the nuts and bolts aspect, I don't actually agree that the story itself is particularly hard to understand or follow in terms of themes or ideas and what they seek to parallel. For my money, I believe I can see what they were trying to do. It's most evident in the first portion of the film but what I will agree on is that the focus gets wobbly in the final half.

It is not a perfect film. But the first half is much stronger and in fact why I don't agree it's particularly dumb. It's not groundbreaking, but it's not totally dumb.

It's why I'm not complaining about the inversing of TWOK at the end of the film, because after reading the spoiler but then actually watching the scene within the context of the events preceding it I feel they use the same event to make a different point than TWOK about Kirk and Spock. And it's a point which entirely works. But I can do absolutely nothing about fans who seem more intent on the overt repetition rather than what they did it for or what the scene is doing. And it isn't even especially hard to divine, but it works for the characters. I'm sure that would be liable to disagreement anyway, but hey ho. That's life.

Re INS it actually is the film that features the most TNG like story. The problem the film has is it's content to remain a simplistic moral lesson when it's central premise instead (which has been noted over and over as a flaw) could have been the basis of a really meaty debatable issue. But it took the easy option.
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