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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Nemesis was the kill switch on the film franchise that was, no doubt at all. ENT's culpability on the series front is more heavily debated for sure but I don't think it's as good as it's more ardent supporters believe it is. But Trek is, I think, still trying to find out where it fits in now after that phase of the franchise consumed itself. Abrams & Co may not be the long term answer, but for now they're giving it a go.
The problem of the franchise fatigue argument is that you can apply it to VOY, NEM and ENT as well as NuTrek. There is a difference though, since the middle / end of the nineties Trek became stylistically too monotonic while still telling new stories. NuTrek is just the other way around, here we get rehashed stories but in a totally new style (compared to the slightly B-movie-ish quality of earlier Trek movie I think it is safe to say that this is the first time Trek looks like proper cinema).
I care more about content than style which is why I did not mind ample of Trek season looking and feeling similar but why I mind RemakeTrek.

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Their work to this point is in my opinion certainly no dumber (or necessarily smarter) than countless examples of previous Star Trek that I could list (in film and in TV) but whether the franchise is overall picking itself up again is, I think, still a question mark to be answered over a bit more time yet.
For real? NEM might beat NuTrek in terms of dumbness and TFF in terms of silliness (I don't dislike the TOSish goofiness in TFF and NuTrek though) but movie-wise that's about it.

The question is not how intelligent the foreground story is but whether the background of Trek, the atmosphere, the texture and so on is similar to what we are used to from Trek and I think that there are some subtle and hitherto unseen changes for the worse.
The question is not whether the scripts are smart but whether they are good. The best Trek stories are not particularly fancy or smart but often very simple and moving. Take City or Darmok, anybody could describe in a few words what these two stories are about. But they do at least feature one idea, they are clearly written and they are neither not up with fanwank.
As one of my favourite moviemakers said: "A truly good movie is interesting and easy to understand. There’s nothing complicated about it." I don't think that the the mystery style of Abrams and the script of O&K which has seemingly confused plenty of people enough that they say that they have to rewatch the movie in order to fully understand it match Kurosawas's criterion of a good movie.
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