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Yes, that seal is undeniably cute. It is such a shame that hunters will go after these little creatures just for their skins/furs. Seeing video of what the hunters do to them was enough to make me want to leap through the screen and inflict similar fates upon them...albeit a bit slower so they know those baby seals' sufferings.

(On a perverse side note, I used to play the video game "SOCOM: US NAVY SEALS--PS2-- online, and if I was on the terrorist side of the game, I would sometimes say: "Alright, let's go club some SEALS." )

Aye, I'm seriously considering getting Enterprise on Blu-Ray, especially if it gets the same restoration treatment that TNG got, even though it would seem that Enterprise was intentionally shot for hi-def, since its aspect ratio was 16x9 ...or more technically, 1.78:1. .

I bought "The Best of Both Worlds I and II" on Blu-Ray...edited together as a singular feature...and OMG the picture quality is stunning.

Off topic, another blu-ray that received a stunning transfer was the theatrical release of the pilot of the original 1978 "Battlestar Galactica". It looks simply beautiful.

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