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Well told, friend Kevin, in all respects. We are agreed.

You have won the Lord Martok "Seal of Approval"

And as always stated before, taste is subjective. There are lots of folks out there who feel that Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is probably the greatest thing since sliced bread, when, universally, it's panned as one of the worst Trek films ever made.

So, as with any Trek films, you're gonna have your lovers, and your haters. But when the hate is brought on as a result of that empty designation of "true fan", as if "true fan" gave any further legitimacy or weight to one's opinion, that is when one must simply look on them with...

and then with pity....because when they apply their logic to the whole mess, they're expecting this from the supposedly unwashed masses :

But what they really oughtta be doing is this:


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