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It's truly bewildering sometimes what you read.

No-one who ever created/wrote/produced for Star Trek in any era or format is necessarily above criticism (maybe apart from Bob Justman, as he always seemed to be on the ball when you saw him in interviews and in writing about how things should work on Trek and Harve Bennet seemed to keep things mostly ship-shape on the movie front in the 80s................I think some of these guys and gals (such as D.C Fontana and Jeri Taylor) often get forgotten about in the often louder discussions between who was better between Roddenberry/Berman, Braga/Moore, Abrams and everybody else that recur most often.............and lot's of other people apart from the big guns did good and bad work on it.

A few weeks back (I think around the time Star Trek Into Darkness was opening) I was browsing the old interweb to get a picture of what the general critical reception of Into Darkness seemed to be and all of these sites have their own comments feature now. I can't remember what site it was (may have been Deadline Hollywood) and you have the usual mix of comments from those fans that loathe Abrams and those fans who either love him or simply are in the middle ground.

And there was one comment, it was the usual 'Abrams is a hack', 'He's ruined Trek' (I'm paraphrasing but you get the gist) that's been regurgitated a thousand times before and then the person came up with their idea for saving Trek and getting it back on track. Now, I guess this could be taken with a pinch of salt because do you ever really know who is seriously posting on the net and who isn't on certain sites but let's assume for a second they were genuine and meant it..................

Their best idea was to go back to making movies with the TNG cast, not even just making a fifth, but continuing the whole TNG franchise with even more films after that. Their other suggestion was a film based on any (or all, they didn't seem to mind) of the other TV shows.

How can you answer that? Tell the person to take a look at the ages of the TNG cast now and truly take a long hard look? They're right there on the new TNG Blu Ray interviews. That ship has long since sailed away over the horizon. Let alone movies based specifically around VOY. DS9 or ENT.

Nemesis was the kill switch on the film franchise that was, no doubt at all. ENT's culpability on the series front is more heavily debated for sure but I don't think it's as good as it's more ardent supporters believe it is. But Trek is, I think, still trying to find out where it fits in now after that phase of the franchise consumed itself. Abrams & Co may not be the long term answer, but for now they're giving it a go.

Their work to this point is in my opinion certainly no dumber (or necessarily smarter) than countless examples of previous Star Trek that I could list (in film and in TV) but whether the franchise is overall picking itself up again is, I think, still a question mark to be answered over a bit more time yet.
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