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Yeah, the distinction supposedly being that either you were a "true fan" by loving Trek from TOS on (and you were a Trekkie if you loved TOS only, and a Trekker if you loved all else, or anything but TOS).

True Fan is a mythical beast. And it happens among anything where there is a fandom involved...but's a mythical beast. It is a self-aggrandizing descriptor of worthless pride, supposedly signifying some "elevated fan status", or as is more often the case, the "more fan than thou" syndrome.

But as someone over there wisely pointed out, ya' know, you have three basic eras of Star Trek... the Roddenberry Era, the Berman/Braga Era, and the Abrams Era. Different folks are going to love different things about Trek.

I never got what all the hubbub was about with the Berman/Braga Era. Lots of folks say they ruined Trek...and perhaps with the release of Nemesis, and the decline of Enterprise (which saw a bit of a respark when Manny Coto was brought on board), Star Trek was about to go on life support if not die a horrific death.

I do know one thing: It would seem that Nemesis was the start of the reversal of the trend of the "even numbered" Trek movies being the better ones. Now it would seem that the odd ones are starting to get their due with the release of Trek 2009. We shall have to see how a third film fares before that assessment can be fully evaluated.

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